Privacy Policy

By using this website, you agree to the privacy policy outlined below.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice. Any updates to this policy will be represented on this page, at the time that they go into effect.

Data we use

In order to serve you on Green Smartphones, we collect and store certain data, such as:

  • Your IP address.
  • Your name and/or email address, if submitted to us, such as when signing up for our email newsletter.
  • Your city/country, web browser, and device screen resolution.
  • Your behaviour on our website, such as pages visited, and links clicked.

We also use cookies on our website, which are files stored in a user’s web browser.

How data is used

The data we collect is used to help improve our user experience. For example:

  • We might use your email address to let you know that someone has replied to your comment on our blog.
  • We use analytics tools to analyse user behaviour, and make improvements to the layout, design, and functionality of our website. User behaviour is used in aggregated reports, and is not associated with your name/email address if you have submitted these details to us.
  • We use cookies to store user preferences, such as when changing the filters applied to a given set of smartphone deals.
  • Your IP address may be stored in our server logs. Server logs are text files containing details of visits to our website. Our development team may use these log files to troubleshoot issues with our website, and make technical improvements.

Third parties

To serve you on Green Smartphones, we work with a number of third parties, and share data with them. For example:

  • To analyse user behaviour, we use third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • Our website and mail servers are hosted by third parties.
  • When you click through to a smartphone retailer and purchase a phone, we may be informed of certain details about the transaction, such as the phone you purchased, by the retailer. This allows us to ensure that we plant a tree for every phone purchased through Green Smartphones. We do not see your personal details, such as your name or address.

Apart from the above circumstances, we will not share your data with, or sell your data to, any third parties, unless:

  • We are required to by law, or as the result of court proceedings.
  • Green Smartphones is sold or traded. In this case, the new owner may gain ownership and control of any and all data associated with the business.
  • We feel we need to disclose certain data to maintain our reputation or brand, or the rights, safety, or wellbeing of our users, owners, or partners.