Recycle Your Smartphone, And We’ll Plant A Tree

With the amount of emissions required to produce a new smartphone, the last thing you want is for your old handset to end up in landfill.

Old smartphones, including broken ones, are full of valuable materials, including rare earth metals, that can be recycled and used in new phones.

Plus, if your phone is still in good working condition, it might be possible to refurbish the device, and give it to someone who needs it.

Recycle your smartphone, and we’ll plant a tree

You can recycle your smartphone with Green Smartphones to prevent your handset from ending up in landfill. For each smartphone we recycle, we’ll plant a tree in the UK or Ireland, helping to offset some of the emissions required to produce the device, while also restoring native woodland.

To begin the process of recycling your phone, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange shipment to us. We will send you a prepaid postage label, or arrange to reimburse you the cost of mailing the device the device once it arrives with us.

We will handle the device depending on its condition when we receive it. Newer devices in working order will be supplied to one of our charity partners, or we may sell the device to help fund our mission to make smartphone shopping more sustainable. Broken devices will be forwarded on to one of our recycling partners.

If necessary, we will wipe the memory of your device when we receive it. However, we highly recommend that you perform a factory reset of your smartphone prior to sending it to us, for security reasons.

More details about preparing to recycle your phone will be provided once you fill out the form above.